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May 8, 2020

Toilet Paper, AFV, and a Doughboy Pool—What's the Difference?

Okay, we know it seems like a silly question. 

Empty toilet paper shelves

AFV logo

A Doughboy pool from Berry Family Pools

Actually, though, we're making an important point—and hoping to make you smile during a difficult time. 

1. Toilet paper

Right now, the toilet paper shelves are empty. So are the pool shelves at most big box stores. That's because most of those pools are made in China, and the stores can't get deliveries right now. 

2. AFV

We all need a regular dose of smiles and laughter. One of our favorite ways to get it is America's Funniest Videos. Have you seen all the funny videos of pools bursting and flooding the yard? Yeah,they're funny in somebody else's yard. Not so funny in your own.

3. Doughboy pools

Yep, you see where we're going with this, right? 

Doughboy pool picture from the 1950sDoughboy pools are available right now in all sizes and shapes at Berry Family Pools! That's because Doughboy pools have been made in America for over 70 years! (Just take a look at this 1950's photo of an early Doughboy pool!) 

And you won't find a Doughboy pool falling apart on America's Funniest Videos. In fact, here's a photo of one of our pools that was attacked by a tree in one of our Texas storms. It needed some minor repair—but it was repairable! (That's what Doughboy's 25-year, 35-year, and lifetime warranties are for! 

Doughboy pool needed minor repairs after a storm that landed a tree on it

That's the Doughboy difference!

Quality, availability, and durability. Instead of people laughing on TV, the laughs will come from all the fun you and your family will have in your own backyard pool! 

Still not convinced? Come by our store and check out the five pools set up on site. See the Doughboy difference for yourself! 

Now, please excuse us . . . we have to go hunt for some toilet paper . . . .