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January 29, 2021

If so, you need this information! 

Our customers know that at Berry Family Pools, we believe in being completely transparent with our customers. No gimmicks—just the facts. 

So we want you to know these two things: 

1. We pre-ordered some liners and have a limited number in stock. Doughboy liners have a 100% seam warranty.

2. We probably won't be able to get any more for summer 2021. 

Last year turned just about everything on its head, including the recreational industry. Doughboy received 4-years-worth of orders all at once—and they are still catching up. They are working as fast as they can while trying to keep their workforce safe, but they are still dealing with shortages of raw materials. 

We have just received a letter from Doughboy, stating that they have already received so many orders for 2021 that they cannot accept any additional orders at this time! 

Wow! That one threw us for a loop! 

We're hoping this will change, but we don't know when. For now, the liners (and pools) we pre-ordered are most likely the only ones we will have for Summer 2021, and when they're gone — they're gone! 

So if you need a new liner, please come see us now!

Thank you for being our loyal customers! We can't begin to express how much we appreciate all of you! 

—All of us at Berry Family Pools