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May 28, 2021

You've  heard  the  song,  right:  "It  ain't  over  til  it's  over." 

Well,  no  thanks,  Lenny  Kravits.  We're  ready  for  this  to  be  over!

So tired of COVID!We know you're tired of hearing about COVID. So are we. But it ain't over. When people couldn't travel, demand increased for home recreational items—like pools, decks, and hot tubs. At the same time, manufacturers had to slow production to keep their workers safe and also had difficulty obtaining raw materials. The industry hasn't yet caught up with the increased demand. 

Pool  orders  for  next  summer — start  now!

All of our pools for 2021 were gone by the end of April. We can't order more until October 1st. If we want those orders filled for summer 2022, we have to place the order by October 1st.

We're so sorry for the hassle. We don't like it either.

But here's what it means for you: If you want a pool for next summer, come in now and start the process of figuring out what size and budget works best for you. We don't work on commission at Berry Family Pools, so there is never any sales pressure. Instead, we give you a big packet of information, including instructions for how to measure out pool sizes and shapes in your yard. We want to help you make sure you choose the best pool for you and your family.  

But please remember—if you want it for next summer, you need to place your order by September. 

We're encouraging customers to come see us NOW!. Check out the 5 running pools on site at our store along with the decks and hot tubs (spas).

We're happy to answer questions, so ask as many questions as you want. We're always happy to help. 

Liners  and  Equipment

If you'll be needing to replace a liner or equipment for next year, that has to be ordered early too. Again, please come see us NOW!

Thank you for your patience. We're doing our best to help our customers enjoy great summers! Please click here for more information.