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December 3, 2020

2020  will  be  a  year  to  remember

     —no  matter  how  hard  we  try  to  forget. 2020--the year we'll all try to forget

In some ways, we've  had a great year. Since so many vacation plans got canceled, a whole lot of people bought pools. We love seeing families happy—enjoying time together 

But it's also been a very challenging year. We really don't like disappointing customers. That goes against everything we stand for. Unfortunately, we saw it happen a lot this year. 

Our Doughboy Pools, Viking Spas, and equipment are all manufactured in the USA, and that helped a lot. Our pools and spas have been shipping, but with significant delays: pools taking 4 months to arrive and spas taking 5 months, sometimes more. We were finally able to get all but 7 pools ordered for this summer installed before the weather got too cool for the liners to stretch.

By midsummer, we started seeing a lot of customers who had ordered pools from other companies. Those pools were manufactured in China or Canada. After waiting weeks or months, those customers found out that their orders had been canceled because nothing was shipping into the US. And by that time in the summer, we had to tell them honestly that while we could order them a pool, it likely wouldn't arrive in time for swimming this year. 

We saw a lot of sad families—and a lot of sad kids. Sad families and kids made us sad too. We'd really like to avoid repeating that.

So  what  went  wrong?

The problem this year was that our suppliers (Doughboy, Viking, and our equipment sources) couldn't get the raw materials needed for manufacturing. And the information we're getting says that raw material shortages will continue into 2021. 

But  here's  the  good  news!

If you plan ahead, you can still get the pool, spa, or equipment you need and want! You just need to start really soon. In fact, NOW is a really good time.

So we want to let you know—

  • Our suppliers are telling us that if we want orders filled for summer installation, we need to place those orders now. If you plan on purchasing a pool or spa for 2021, please come and see us right away. Over 30 families have already ordered for next year! 
  • We expect a short pool/spa-selling season. We don't want to sell pools and spas we won't be able to deliver. Early orders are the ones we can sell with confidence that you will be swimming next summer—the earlier, the better. 
  • Raw materials for liners were also in short supply this year. If you're going to need a liner replacement, please order now. 
  • If you order now, you can still use our layaway plan: Lock in 2020 prices and make payments on your schedule between now and spring. 

So please give yourself and your family a wonderful Christmas present this year. Put a pool under your Christmas tree that will be delivered and installed for swimming Summer 2021. We'll help you come up with creative wrapping. 

And when the weather heats up next summer, you'll be singing "Joy to the World" in your own backyard pool! 

Winter hours: Tuesday - Friday, 9:00 am - 5:30 pm, Saturday 9:00 am - 3:30 pm. 

No appointment needed. 

Call or email us if you  have questions or need more information. We're here to help!Singing Santa