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May 28, 2021

You've  heard  the  song,  right:  "It  ain't  over  til  it's  over." 

Well,  no  thanks,  Lenny  Kravits.  We're  ready  for  this  to  be  over!

So tired of COVID!We know you're tired of hearing about COVID. So are we. But it ain't over. When people couldn't travel, demand increased for home recreational items—like pools, decks, and hot tubs. At the same time, manufacturers had to slow production to keep their workers safe and also had difficulty obtaining raw materials. The industry hasn't yet caught up with the increased demand. 

Pool and Spa Update: 2020-2021

December 3, 2020

2020  will  be  a  year  to  remember

     —no  matter  how  hard  we  try  to  forget. 2020--the year we'll all try to forget

In some ways, we've  had a great year. Since so many vacation plans got canceled, a whole lot of people bought pools. We love seeing families happy—enjoying time together 

But it's also been a very challenging year. We really don't like disappointing customers. That goes against everything we stand for. Unfortunately, we saw it happen a lot this year.